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A Self-Sustained Life

We always dreamed of living in a rural community where we could establish a self-sustaining lifestyle and live a godly life with Christ. So, we made the decision to move from Virginia to Unionville, North Carolina, a small, rural agricultural community, where we could open a farm and live off the land.

We are the Karch family, Erich and Cindy Karch, our two sons, Erich Heinz and Hagen, and our dogs, Heidi and Blue. We were excited about the opportunity to pursue our passion and teach our children the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle and growing closer to God

We purchased a large piece of land in Unionville and started building our farm. It already had a farmhouse and barn, but started to build animal pens and fence-in pastures. We also started planting fruit trees and vegetables, using organic practices to grow our produce.

We also started raising goats, bees, rabbits, and pigs. We built pens for each animal and spent time each day tending to them. Erich Heinz and Hagen loved helping with the animals and learning about our care. The family used the goat milk to make cheese, the rabbit meat for meals, and the honey from our bees to sweeten our food.

In addition to our farm, we also homeschooled our sons. We wanted to ensure that our children received a well-rounded education that included farming, sustainable living, and faith. We spent time each day studying, working on the farm, and attending church services.

As time passed, our farm grew, and we became a well-known staple in our community. We hosted workshops to teach others about sustainable living, and our farm stand was always busy with locals looking for fresh, organic produce. We continued to work hard each day, but we were happy knowing that we were living a fulfilling life that aligned with our values and beliefs.

Our farm became a beautiful example of what it means to live a sustainable, God-centered life. We found joy in working together as a family and in knowing that we were making a difference in our community. We had truly found our calling and were proud of the life we had built.

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